among the traditions cultivated during Christmas, one of them is keeping an empty seat for an unexpected guest—a symbolic willingness to welcome, warm and nourish the stranger.

In order to draw attention to the humanitarian crisis at Poland’s eastern border, I decided to stay out in the cold, up to the limit of my body’s capacity. The intention of my act was to symbolically give away my internal warmth to the people facing the refugee crisis at the border.

The process is accompanied by fundraising, with the total amount raised going to provide aid at the border (thermal sleeping bags, ski clothing, high quality thermoses, insulation mats, gas cookers). The action I am going to take is also an appeal to the authorities—a request to be humane.

*I realize that I am doing this from a privileged position—the ability to stop the protest at any time provides me with a comfort zone that people facing the refugee crisis do not have.

Christmas Eve dinner is a time when all relatives meet around the table. The participants often have different views and beliefs. Conversations about life, politics and everyday matters can easily cause divisions between them. This is the moment when I ask you for intergenerational dialogue transcending any differences. My act is not about drawing attention towards me, but towards people in crisis. People who are right now fighting for their lives at the Polish-Belarusian border.

At the same time, I would like to point out that my intention is not to overstep my own boundaries in order to place an additional burden on the health care system, which is currently in a difficult situation.

Special thanks:
Dominika Lodzińska
Izabela Wilk
Antoni Mantorski
Wojciech Skrzypczyński


After about three and a half hours, cold wind intensified. I felt like I was losing power and my body was falling down. My thoughts were with the people at the Polish-Belarusian border. Children, women and men have been fighting for their lives for days, sometimes weeks, in the forests, in much colder conditions. They are dying. 

Pursuant to my declaration about not overstepping my own boundaries, I decided to stop the protest.